In Between II

Performance work with Buba Čvorić

Rivoli, Italy | 2008 | Duration: 4 h

Beginning was around 4p.m. or 5p.m. It was hot outside. We were standing in the front door of the museum and looking to each other. Concentrating. Breathing.

On the work there are no movements, I try to concentrate on every part of my body, being aware of my feet, knees, legs, hands, relationship among Buba and me, and in relation to the surrounding. I was looking into Buba’s eyes and I felt that I had to move, but I could not. My body was still, I was not. After the first hour of standing my blood went down into my foots and my hands. I felt inner peace, but I felt dizzy too and hardly succeed to concentrate. I was looking to Buba’s eyes. People were walking around us. I was aware of them but just with corner of my eye. After the second hour, with very slow movements we came closer to each other. We embraced and I felt relief. When we started to pull each other’s hair, I felt better than when I was standing alone for a few hours full of tension. Movements of pulling a hair made balance between bodies, contrary to hours of stillness.

If you help me to understand why I am here with you, would I still exist? Sharing could not be explained, just giving and taking could.


Photo by Alexandar Tkačenko, Nemanja Lađić

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